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About Us

Integrated Services

 Our MRI units are located on-site where your pet is being treated and additional procedures (e.g. spinal tap, electrodiagnostic testing, surgery) can be easily coordinated at the specialty hospital following the MRI, if necessary. 

Superior Quality

 Our MRI images provide tremendous insights into potential problems. 

Veterinary Specialists and Technicians

 Animal MR staff includes board-certified veterinary neurologists, surgeons, and radiologists who work closely together as a team to deliver the highest quality services to your pet.   Our MRI technicians are highly trained, specialize exclusively on MRI technology, and can prescribe scan-sequence specific procedures (i.e. detailed images of your pet) based on your pet's unique symptoms under the supervision of the veterinary specialist. 




In 2000, Drs. Richard Joseph and Jason Berg began a neurology consultation service at County Animal Specialty Group (CASG) in Yonkers, NY. Inspired by the desire to provide the best possible neuro-imaging for dogs and cats referred to them, Rick and Jason began offering MRIs at a local "human" facility in the evenings. When it became apparent that offering MRIs on-site was much better for the animals, they founded Animal MR.

As a result of these efforts, Animal MR expanded their MRI services to the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region.  Drs. Joseph and Berg are both currently practicing neurologists at Guardian Veterinary Specialists (www.guardianveterinaryspecialists.com) in Brewster, NY. Consulting Radiologists are available to them when a second opinion is desired. 



Animal MR operates based on two fundamental principles: excellent service and exceptional quality MRI images.

Excellent service means that veterinary specialists have easy access to the MRI on-site. Our philosophy is driven by our experience that the specialist managing the case is in the best position to oversee the patient's MRI. The MRI scan can be specifically tailored to the patient's signs while the specialist previews the results of each scan sequence performed on that patient in real-time. This is not possible when the scan is conducted off-site and the specialist managing the case is not present. Consequently, off-site MRI scans may not be as efficient and cannot be easily repeated due to anesthetic constraints and expense. On-site MRI service performed by Animal MR keeps the specialist in control and allows him/her to make decisions in the best interest of patients.

Animal MR's machines are dedicated solely to MRI studies of animal patients performed during regular referral hospital hours and don't need to rush the process. Animal MRI uses only high field magnets that are the same computer software platform at those performed on humans. In contrast to low field veterinary MRI machines which are marketed to be more automated but have distinct limitations include longer scan times and inferior quality images.Superior quality is achieved with our leading-edge MRI machines, and our experienced MRI technologists. Each technician works in conjunction with, and under the direct supervision of, the veterinary specialist to optimally perform this sophisticated diagnostic procedure.


Chief Veterinary Neurologists:  

Richard Joseph DVM DACVIM (Neurology)

Jason Berg DVM DACVIM (Neurology/Neurosurgery)(Internal Medicine)

Chief MRI Technologist:

Joanne Monaco BSRT, (R)(MR)(CT) 

Consulting Veterinary Radiologists: 

Justin Goggin DVM DACVR


Please contact your family veterinarian for referral for MRI.

If you have any questions about our services please email nuda@animalmr.com